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Item Condition

Remember that condition is the most important factor when determining value. Many Coca-Cola items found in today’s marketplace fall into the Very Good (7) to Excellent (8) condition catagories. This is considered the average value range. Items in a Near Mint (9) or better condition are rarely encountered and thus often command a much higher value. An honest assessment of condition is critical when determining your Coca-Cola items value. 


Item Rarity

R1 / Surplus— This item can be located at nearly any time. There is a surplus in the market. More items are available than there are collectors to buy

R2 / Common — A commonplace item that is easy to find and readily available. Can be located in a brief of time, but less plentiful that the Surplus category

R3 / Uncommon— An item that is not seen every day, but yet can generally be found within a few months. Most commonly found on the internet

R4 / Scarce— A collector might encounter this item from once to a few times a year. Most commonly found at private sales, auctions, or conventions

R5 / Very Scarce— A collector might encounter this item in the marketplace once a year or two. Most commonly found at private sales, live auctions, or conventions

R6 / Rare— A collector might only encounter this item in the marketplace once in several years. Most commonly found at live auctions, or conventions

R7 / Extremely Rare— A collector might encounter this item once in a collecting lifetime or possibly never. Only a few are known to exist and are rarely for sale​​

Estimated Values

For the four years previous to this guide's publication — sales for each item in this value guide is tracked by condition through private transactions (when known), internet auctions, fixed price sales, and live auctions. Then the known sales prices in each condition are averaged and interpreted to produce an estimated value. When recent sales are not known, an educated estimate is used based upon recent sales of similar items. All estimated values are given in U.S. Dollars.