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The Ultimate Price Guide for Collectors of Vintage Coca-Cola Memorabilia.

Continuously updated information that today’s collector or dealer can’t afford to be without. Current estimated market values on thousands of common and rare Coca-Cola items. Now you can have the timely information you need — delivered digitally right to your desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet— anywhere you have connectivity. 
One year
online subscription only $29.99

About the Price Guide

Items shown from dates of 1886 to 1969  

Many items never before seen in a Coca-Cola price guide   

Date, rarity, manufacturer of each item shown  

Size, material, and values of each item shown  

Each item has a value in three different conditions — Very Good, Excellent, and Near Mint  

Thousands of items in 139 different categories

Layout is well designed, quick and easy to navigate  

Price guide is constantly updated and expanded  

Satisfaction guaranteed


"This price guide rocks!"
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