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The 1927 and 1937 Coca-Cola Display Bottles

The first giant Coca-Cola bottle

First appearing in the 1927 Coca-Cola Bottlers Price List, the "giant" Coca-Cola bottle was offered to bottler's as "an exact reproduction of the 6 ounce bottle".  This bottle was identical to the 6 ounce bottle, right down to the "Bottle Pat'd Dec 25,1923" embossing on the body of the bottle.  Available in January of 1928, the 20 inch tall "Christmas Bottle" was made by the Owens Illinois Glass Company (as shown by the I and O embossed on the bottom).

The empty bottle was shipped to bottlers in a cardboard box directly from the glass company. The bottle was wrapped in a protective sleeve of corrugated cardboard. Included in the box was a 2.25 inch wide bottle cap made by The Cork, Crown & Seal Company and a lightweight card that explained how to make the "colored liquid" contents to fill the bottle.

By the large number of bottles still available today — and the period photographs showing the bottle in use, its seems to have been very well received. I have seen photos of the bottle being used in point-of-purchase displays inside the store, high on shelves near the cash register, sitting on the store counter, and in window displays.



An August 1933 Lubbock, Texas Woolworth's window display using many display bottles



A display during the 1932 Denver, Colorado Automobile Show.

A new bottle for 1937

In 1937 the bottle was changed to reflect the new D-105529 bottle patent. These "D Patent" bottles were offered in the bottler's price list  for the next eight years until 1945, when they were discontinued.



A 1940 photo of a Wheeling, West Virginia child with the display bottle.



The Salina, Kansas Coca-Cola Bottler made a six pack carton for the display bottles in 1939.



Case of display bottles with regular and miniature bottles at the 1940 Springfield, Ohio Home Show.

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