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The Coca-Cola Price Guide

Continuously updated information that today’s collector or dealer can’t afford to be without. Current estimated market values on thousands of common and rare Coca-Cola items. Now you can have the timely information you need — delivered digitally right to your desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet— anywhere you have connectivity.

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  • Over 4,000  vintage Coca-Cola items in 124 categories

  • Items shown from date from 1886 to 1969

  • Many items never before seen in a Coca-Cola price guide

  • Date, rarity, dimensions, manufacturer, material, and values of each item

  • Each item has a value in three different conditions — VG/7, EX/8, NM/9

  • Nearly 12,000 values

  • Price guide is constantly updated and expanded

  • Layout is well designed, quick and easy to navigate

  • Only $29.99 a year

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About the author

I first began collecting original Coca-Cola items as a thirteen year old in 1975, going to flea markets with my mother and grandmother or riding my bicycle to local auctions and antique shops in my small picturesque hometown of Rockville, Indiana. At that time I purchased whatever Coke items I could find with the small amount of money I earned mowing lawns, delivering milk, and bagging groceries.  Continue Reading >>