Frequently asked questions

What if I have a suggestion for a new Price Guide Category that is not covered?

Please let me know anything that I am missing, and I will make an effort to get that item into the Price Guide as soon as I can. I appreciate all suggestions since the price guide is for you! 


What if I forgot my Password to the Price Guide Guest Area?

Simply email me at and let me know that you forgot your password. 

What if I don't want Automatic Subscription Renewal?
When you pay for your initial subscription through PayPal, your account also sets up an automatic payment profile, and your subscription is automatically renewed on that initial subscription date every year. To cancel future payments, simply go to your PayPal account and cancel your automatic payment profile.

Do you have access to any of my critical personal information?

No. I only have your email address and subscription status so I can communicate with you as needed,  All account and other personal information is kept by PayPal. 

Am I going to be bombarded with emails from third parties?

Certainly not. I will not, under any circumstances, share my subscription list with anyone else.

I hate to get on email lists too!