A Little About the Author

I first began collecting original Coca-Cola items as a thirteen year old in 1975, going to flea markets with my mother and grandmother or riding my bicycle to local auctions and antique shops in my small picturesque hometown of Rockville, Indiana.

At that time I purchased whatever Coke items I could find with the small amount of money I earned mowing lawns, delivering milk, and bagging groceries. As I grew older, I found myself increasingly drawn to the early history and the beautiful pre-World War II images shown on the posters, die-cuts, calendars and trays.

Soon, my wife Jeannine and I began attending events like the Indianapolis Antique Advertising Show, the Coca-Cola Collector's Club conventions, and local and national live auctions. We also frequented the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, the wonderful Schmidt Museum of Coca-Cola Memorabilia in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and were lucky enough to get to know many of the the older collectors who founded this great hobby.

Very patiently, over the years, we assembled a Coca-Cola collection that we are proud of. Now, in the age of Ebay and other electronic venues, this website and online price guide is simply a way for me to share my excitement, interest and accumulated knowledge of 40 plus years of collecting.

I hope this website helps foster a new group of young collectors who will over time become as passionate about this great hobby as I am.

Blaine Martin


I am always seeking old, rare and unusual Coca-Cola items to add to my personal collection. Please email me with anything pre-1945 that you would like to sell. Attach a clear photograph of the object, along with your asking price. Fair prices paid for nice condition items.