Need an appraisal?

Do you have a collection of Coca-Cola items and
now you want to insure it?

To get insurance on your valuable collectibles, you may need to know exactly how much they’re worth. An appraisal will let the insurance company know how much it will cost to replace your items if they  are lost, stolen, or damaged. For this purpose you will need to know the likely retail replacement value of your item. This is considered  the highest amount that would be required to replace a particular item with another item of similar age, quality, origin, appearance provenance, and condition. (see Full Insurance "Replacement" Appraisal)​

Have you inherited a Coca-Cola item and want
to know it's value for taxes?

If you inherited your Coca-Cola items , you may need to have them appraised for the “date-of-death” value. This value may be needed later to calculate capital gains taxes if you decide to sell the collectibles. (see Full Insurance "Replacement" Appraisal)

Do you have a Coca-Cola item and want
to know it's value before selling it?

If you’re looking to sell your valuable vintage Coca-Cola item, you will need to know how much to charge, and potential buyers may want to know how the item’s value was determined. Fair market value is the price at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller in today's market. (see Simple Appraisal)

Do you want to donate  your item to a museum
or another collector?

If your item is particularly valuable and you want to donate it to a third party, you will likely need no know the item's fair market value. Fair market value is the price at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller in today's market. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) often requires a qualified appraisal for items of a certain value. You should contact  the IRS for specific details.​ (see Full Insurance "Replacement" Appraisal)

Getting to know your experts

Chad Erichsen 

Inspired by his grandfather in Ohio taking him to onsite auctions, Chad has worked in the collectibles market for over two decades. Chad works with Auction Charleston Antique Mall and is a Certified Appraiser of the Asheford Institute of Antiques. He is an Advisory Board member and contributor for Antique Trader Magazine. He recently published an article in 2019 entitled, “State of the Union for Collecting Coca-Cola".  


Blaine Martin

Blaine first began collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia in 1976 as a child in Rockville, Indiana. After graduating from  college in 1982 with a degree in Commercial Art and Design he became increasingly interested in the history of Coca-Cola and its advertising items. He was lucky enough in those early years to become friends with many of the older early collectors who founded this great hobby. Over time he has become recognized as an authority in the history and collecting of Coca-Cola memorabilia. He has contributed to numerous books and newspapers, and has consulted with documentary producers, museums and foundations. He communicates daily with collectors and is the author of this website and Price Guide. Blaine is also the author of "Images of America - Rockville" published by Acadia Publications.

1. Choose the right appraisal for you

Simple Appraisal (1) Appraised Item — You will receive a single page PDF format report stating — Estimated Value, Date of Appraisal, Item Appraised Description, Measurements:, Material, Country of Creation, Manufacturer, Estimated value if sold retail, Photo of (1) Appraised Item. Timeframe: 1-2 business days

Full Insurance Appraisal (1) Appraised Item — You will receive a multi-page page PDF format report along with a signed printed report stating — Letter of Transmittal, Appraised Work with Photograph, Narrative Analysis, Comparable, Certificate of Appraisal, Certification of Appraisal, Disclaimer: Assumptions and Limiting Conditions, Definitions & Abbreviations, Curriculum Vitae.  Timeframe: 5 business days

Please note that a multiple item or a collection appraisal will be based upon an hourly rate quoted in advance. Please contact Chad directly with any questions. He may be reached at

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