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About the Author

A 40 Year Collecting Obsession


Blaine first began collecting original Coca-Cola items as a young man in the picturesque small town of Rockville, Indiana. He went to flea markets with his mother and grandmother and rode his bicycle to local auctions and antique shops. He purchased whatever Coke items he could with the small amount of money earned mowing lawns, delivering milk, and bagging groceries. 

After graduating from college in 1982 with a degree in Art and Design he became interested in the history of Coca-Cola and especially the quintessential American images shown on the posters, die-cuts, calendars and trays.

In the mid-1980s, Blaine and his wife Jeannine began collecting seriously, attending collector's events, auctions, and the visiting the Coca-Cola Museums in Atlanta, Georgia and Elizabethtown, Kentucky. During that time they were lucky enough to become good friends with many of the the early collectors who founded this hobby. As time progressed they gradually built a collection they are proud of.

Today, Blaine has become a recognized authority in the history and collecting of Coca-Cola memorabilia, and has consulted with numerous film producers, museums, historic foundations, and publications. He continues to buy and sell Coke items and communicates with collectors on a daily basis. This website is a way for him to share his  excitement, interest and accumulated knowledge with a wider and younger audience.

Living with your collection-Coca-Cola early trays and dispenser
Living with your collection-Coca-Cola 1920s Cardboard Signs
Living with your collection-Coca-Cola cardboards and bottles
Living with your collection-Coca-Cola display bottles and light-up
Always looking for the early, the rare, and the unusual.

Blaine Martin


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